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Five Realms

Stop! Universe Spoilers Ahead

Okay, that was the extent of your warning. If you end up with questions, just come drop them on a TikTok video. That's where I'm most active. You won't find heaps here, I'm not giving you my entire wiki, of course, but it's a little bit and will be updated. There will be more on Patreon likely sooner.

What is it all?

Plague (1)_edited.png
Plague (1)_edited.png


What if mythology looked different? What if traditional monsters were heroes and the stories of the gods weren't written like pro-pantheon propaganda? If they were set in a world like ours with an alternate world history, dark fantasy themes, a new magic system, and stories that built on and in themselves, over a span of centuries...

That is the idea that started The Plague Chronicles. That, and accessibility.
What is PlagChron?

Where did the Five Realms start?

In the beginning...

There was only Achlys. She filled every corner of every plane, and everything was still. 

Then, of her deep darkness, Chaos sparked. First, as a small pulse. Then, he grew. Stretching and reaching through space, Chaos wandered alone for years. 

Primordials Beginning

Family Tree - The Primordials

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Family Tree
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