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Accessibility Plan

I wanted a complex series of plotlines that I could enjoy as an adult, that included more than just the original twelve gods (actually thirteen, but everyone forgets Hestia) . Diversity is important to me because I missed out on representation as a kid, and I also wanted the series to be easy to consume for others with ADHD or other neurdivergencies. So, I designed it to have sub series and shorts that could be read without commiting to the full thing. The books themselves are formatted for dyslexia. Below is a layout of the plan. 


Dyslexia Friendly Formatting

- Books are printed on cream paper instead of white to prevent glare and 'floating' on the page

- Text is in a Sans Serif font and printed slightly larger than industry standard, to ease readability

- Limited italics wherever possible to prevent running and skipping during reading 

Since dyslexia is a spectrum and everyone is different, these formatting changes will not help everyone but I hoped they would help some, at the least.

A Series for ADHD

I write more than Greek Mythology, but my series all belong to the same parent - The Plague Chronicles. I wanted readers to have a choice, once this big series was complete, in how they read it. The complete series will have 16 books, with 5 sub series, like The Violents. In order to understand the main plotline, you'll only have to commit to the final 3 of Plague, and 1 of the sub series, which can either be a standalone, a duology, or a trilogy. Preferably also 1 of the prequels in Plague, but they could be skipped. I didn't want to lock people in, who might not want or be able, to read 16 books and the extra novellas just to enjoy the plots scattered in the Five Realms.


TW & Open Communication

I know that trigger warnings are an important part of the reading experience, so all my books will have a dedicated page with the synopsis, warnings, and details like ISBN, genres, and publication date. I will always keep them on the website because places like Goodreads and Amazon will remove trigger warnings, and will even ban your books for having them. 

As part of the accessibility and communication plan, there is also a trigger warning form that can be submitted in the footer menu. You can also click the button below, and I regularly remind email subscribers as well. I want you to know that my inbox is always open if you've come across an issue in one of my books that you'd like to see fixed.

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