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Here you'll find short stories, prequel shorts, or summaries associated with each book. The summaries are intended for if you are reading the next in series as a stand-alone, as they are written to be able to be read this way, but I wanted to make sure there was more in depth info as well. The summary is in the front of the next book (ex. Myth of June summary is in the front of Oath of Eve), but of course not every book can be summarised before the next. The short stories are also stand-alone, but will have better context read at certain spots in the series. If it is on the left of the book it is best read before the book, if it is on the right it is best read after the book. Every short will eventually be published properly and will not be available on the site forever, but will always be on Patreon. The prequel shorts, however, will always only be available here, and are just additional deleted story. There also may be deleted scenes/endings in Patreon occassionally.

Shorts & Summaries

Junes Birth

This scene occurs directly before the events of the book and features Helen and William. It will give you a bit of insight into how William was before Typhon came along.

This document has not been professionally edited and may contain errors. It is meant to be for some fun, light reading. 


Asclepius' Descent

Now Published

This short occurs about a hundred years before the events of the book and gives some backstory on Asclepius, and their choice to leave Olympus.

TW: Abuse/Bullying, Blood, Death, Explicit Descriptions of Illness/Injury, Gore, Murder

The Violents Series (9).png

Achilles Heel

This short occurs during the events of the book and gives some insight into the fate of a random passerby that you might be curious about.

TW: Alcoholism, Blood, Car Accident, Death, Depression

A Summary of The Myth of June


In book one, while taking a storm to the Mortal Realm, Typhon – The Titan God of Wind and Storm – noticed that a mortal had spotted him while in his Olympian form. As seeing a god in their natural form can drive a human mad, Typhon stopped in after the storm to make sure the man, William, was okay. To his surprise, he seemed fine. Further, Typhon learned that William’s wife, Helen, had given birth during his storm.

A birth like that seemed special to Typhon, so he felt he should give the child a blessing. As he pondered what to leave her, the sense of calm that William had kept thus far wavered and he smashed his teacup. If it weren’t for Typhon, a small piece of the glass would have cut the baby. So he swore then to always be around to protect Juniper Georgian.

Nineteen years later, June had grown up and moved out. She had been given a job at Mr. Denny’s diner and loved the freedom it gave her away from her less than savory father. But she found herself daydreaming often of the gods.

As she doodled during work and thought of Athena, a handsome stranger walked into the diner. When he turned his deep teal eyes on her, a spark passed between them, and he invited her to join him for dinner. He introduced himself as Don, and listened to June talk about her dreams of becoming a professional sculptor. Near the end of the night Don said he needed to go outside to smoke. June was more than happy to join him. As they walked into the dark alley behind the diner, she imagined a happy life with the man, until he covered her mouth and shoved her down to have his way with her.

As soon as Don was done, he told her to pass on a message to her father. While June thought she was alone in the alley after he left, Athena suddenly appeared, disguised as a woman in rags. Seeing the state that June was left in, and knowing that Typhon had failed to protect June, Athena gave her a new blessing. Any man that were to look Juniper in the eye and intend to do her harm would be turned to stone. It was the perfect gift for a sculptor.

June didn’t understand that she was being given a true gift from the gods, and the first instance she was faced with a man was just moments later, with her boss. After accidentally turning him to stone, she ran to her mother, not knowing what else to do and not understanding what could have happened. While Helen comforted June, neither of the women heard William come home, until he became angry that dinner was not ready and began abusing Helen. June jumped to her mothers aid, and as William reached out to hit her, she turned her father to stone.

While both women were shocked, Helen had no idea what could have happened except intervention from the gods. June knew it must have been her. June assured Helen that she could take care of it, leaving her mother free from the burden, she planned to hide him at the diner with the now statue version of her boss.

When Typhon saw the statues, he told her of the gods. That he had found Athena in the alley, along with an indicator that Don had actually been Poseidon, and as he laid out the truth of the world, June grew angrier and angrier. She cursed Poseidon for hurting her and turned her rage on the body of Mr. Denny, taking a bat and breaking pieces of his marble form off.

It occurred to June quickly that she had to figure out what to do as with her boss dead, she had no work, plus he had owned her apartment. She had a foreign power she had no knowledge how to use, and a great amount of rage at men who chose to hurt women. She thought her mother might be able to help, and make sense of the message that Don had left her, so she went to visit. After some digging, Helen and June managed to turn up thousands of dollars of debt notes in William’s study. June also found a death threat from Don, which she hid.

Junes unfortunate events continued, as she went on a walk and happened upon a woman who seemed to be under attack. June knew she had to stop it and turned the man to stone. The woman introduced herself as Sarah, but as soon as June tried to chat, she ran off.

As June left the park, she thought of the statue she was leaving behind and all the pieces of her puzzle began to fall together. She could use the diner as an art studio, keep the deed to her apartment, and sell the statues she was creating from terrible men.

It was the perfect plan, and worked well, with only a couple of hiccups in the form of a snake that wouldn’t leave her alone, and a car that kept following her.

Typhon agreed to help her collect statues so long as they were only bad people, and the opening of her gallery rolled around quickly. On opening night, June accepted an offer that could more than cover her expenses, and the night was everything she could have hoped for. Until it ended and she was forced to face her morality by Typhon, when he tried to confirm again that she was truly turning only bad people.

Later in the night, the snake returned, and she was forced to face her choices again, when it transformed into yet another god, who introduced themselves as Asclepius. They pointed out the fact that some men she had killed were innocent, and warned her to stop playing the villain, and instead worry about her mother.

For a week following, she tried to stop in to see Helen, who wasn’t home. As she sat in a café planning what to do, a man stopped and introduced himself as an investigator named Henry, trying to find William as he hadn’t been to work for a few weeks. He had been following her, and was the owner of the suspicious car, thinking that she was Mrs. Georgian by mistake. As she began to run from the café, he mentioned that he also couldn’t find Helen.

In a frenzy, June ran for her mother’s house. She was shocked to find the door unlocked and the house a mess. There had clearly been a struggle and her mother was missing. As she searched, Asclepius returned, and she cornered them. She managed to get them to confess that Poseidon had taken Helen.

As she set about making a plan to get Helen back, her life began to get very confusing. Henry popped up more and more and she built a friendship with him. She found herself traveling to Olympus where she met more gods, and learned that Poseidon had been banned from Olympus and had taken a plague to the Mortal Realm. He had started the drug trade, gambling, and had been planning a war against Olympus to try and rule both realms. And she learned that she was pregnant with his child.

June tried to figure out how she was going to fight against one of the most powerful men in the Mortal Realm, and started spending more time with Henry. But on a night out, was blindsided when the woman she saved in the park ran up and jumped on her date. She quickly learned from Henry that they knew each other, and Sarah was actually named Eris.

Worse, later she found out that Eris was a goddess who had been her father’s boss, and he had been in debt to her as well. And Eris also worked for Poseidon. His network stretched so far and wide across New York that everyone she knew was connected to him. Even Asclepius was working for him. The only way to stop Poseidon was to throw him to Tartarus, of which the passage to was held by the Primordial Deity, Chaos.

She told Henry all of it, and introduced him to Typhon, in hopes he would help get her mother back and put an end to Poseidon’s hold on Mortals. They worked together to find where Poseidon was hiding.

June decided to face him, fighting through a hydra and a group of his closest followers. But when she tried to force him up to Olympus to throw him to Tartarus, the ban that kept him out had not been lifted and they were shoved out. He taunted her, and she turned around and shot him, killing his mortal body.

June wasn’t sure what killing Poseidon in only the Mortal Realm would do, but as her and Henry took Helen home, she had to hope that it would all be okay.

MOJ Summary
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