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Here you'll find short stories, prequel shorts, or summaries associated with each book. The summaries are intended for if you are reading the next in series as a stand-alone, as they are written to be able to be read this way, but I wanted to make sure there was more in depth info as well. The summary is in the front of the next book (ex. Myth of June summary is in the front of Oath of Eve), but of course not every book can be summarised before the next. The short stories are also stand-alone, but will have better context read at certain spots in the series. If it is on the left of the book it is best read before the book, if it is on the right it is best read after the book. Every short will eventually be published properly and will not be available on the site forever, but will always be on Patreon. The prequel shorts, however, will always only be available here, and are just additional deleted story. There also may be deleted scenes/endings in Patreon occassionally.

Shorts & Summaries

Junes Birth

This scene occurs directly before the events of the book and features Helen and William. It will give you a bit of insight into how William was before Typhon came along.

This document has not been professionally edited and may contain errors. It is meant to be for some fun, light reading. 


Asclepius' Descent

Now Published

This short occurs about a hundred years before the events of the book and gives some backstory on Asclepius, and their choice to leave Olympus.

TW: Abuse/Bullying, Blood, Death, Explicit Descriptions of Illness/Injury, Gore, Murder

Myth of June Summary

A summary of The Myth of June, to read before The Oath of eve, or to brush up on between other books. Published as part of Eve.

The Violents Series (9).png

Achilles Heel

This short occurs during the events of the book and gives some insight into the fate of a random passerby that you might be curious about.

TW: Alcoholism, Bullying, Car Accident, Death, Illness/Injury, Suicidal Ideation

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