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Fill in this form if you're interested in becoming an ARC reader!
Please note that not everyone will be contacted for the opportunity. ARC readers will be contacted in March of 2024. 
Please also note that if you do not respond to the email about being a reader within 1 week, your name will be removed from the list and you will have to reapply for interest in future books.
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Receive an Advanced Copy of The Myth of June (Revised Edition) - eARC
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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

What's a beta reader? 
This is the reader that comes before final edits. You read the book (in a PDF) and give your feedback on plot, pacing, character development, etc. I want your opinions on what to change here!

What's an ARC reader?
This is an Advanced Reader Copy that comes just before publication. You get to read the final book, for free (either e-book or paperback) and write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or somewhere else! This is the absolute final copy, so no further changes will be made. You get a free book in exchange for a review!

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